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Environmentally Friendly

Basegel is safe for the Environment, humans, pets, fish and plants.   Base gel has no negative safety impact if injested...although it probably doesn't taste good. Please refer the
SDS for further information.

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H2Old, LLC offers a wide variety of Super Absorbent Polymers specifically designed for Consumer and Commercial/Industrial applications. H2Old Super Absorbent Polymers are environmentally friendly, cross-linked polyacrylate polymers that have an absorption capacity of up to 400 times their weight in water. Our polymers swell to create a firm, stable gel with an effective life of more than 7 years. H2Old, LLC specializes in the development of innovative polymer products that enhance and build upon the water absorption and retention benefits of super absorbent polymers to meet specific applications requirements

If you have any further questions: 

We are always available to discuss any questions or concerns regarding the safety of Base gel. 


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