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Q) How does Soil Gel work?

A) Soil Gel is a super absorbent polymer that can absorb more than 300 times its weight in water, creating a firm gel. The super absorbent polymer captures water and fertilizer holding it in the root-zone. As the soil dries, roots draw the water from the gel.


Q) How much will Soil Gel reduce watering frequency?

A)Soil Gel can reduce watering frequency up to 50% in potted plants and gardens.


Q) How long will Soil Gel last?

A)Soil Gel has an effective life of up to 5 seasons.

Q) Is Soil Gel safe?

A) Soil Gel is non-hazardous and environmentally friendly. The polymer is safe for use around pets and has no negative health effects if consumed by animals.

Q) What type of polymer is Soil Gel?

A) Soil Gel is a Potassium Polyacrylate (crosslinked copolymer with a potassium salt base).

Q) Is Soil Gel the same absorbent material in baby diapers?

A)No, Soil Gel is potassium based, the super absorbent polymer in baby diapers is most often Sodium Polyacrylate.

Q) Do potassium polyacrylates and sodium polyacrylates provide the same benefits for plants?

A) Soil Gel’s potassium polyacrylate balanced gel strength is not as strong as sodium-based polymers. The Soil Gel polymer allows the roots to draw water from the gel. Sodium Polyacrylate’s gel strength prohibits the roots from drawing the water out of the gel. o Soil Gel’s Potassium based polymer also provides potassium to the plants, which is an essential nutrient for healthy plant growth. Sodium is not a nutrient and can contribute to soil compaction.

Q) Can Soil Gel be used for existing potted plants and gardens?

A) Yes, simply use a pencil to create several voids around the plant, a few inches from the plant stalk. Press the pencil into the root-zone but be careful not to damage the roots. Place an 1/8- ¼ teaspoon of Soil Gel granules into the voids and cover with soil. Then water thoroughly. Do not use as a top-dressing.

Q) Does Soil Gel contain fertilizers or nutrients?

A)No, Soil Gel does not contain plant nutrients and is not plant food. Soil Gel will absorb water soluble fertilizers as they pass through the root zone. The Fertilizer is held in the gel and available for the plant roots.


Q) Are there any other uses for Soil Gel?

A)Cold Packs: Hydrated Soil Gel can be used to create reusable cold packs. Simply add the gel in a small zip-lock freezer bag and place in the freezer.

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